dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Wendy Golden- Levitt

wishes coming through........

years ago when i discoverd felting
i instantly felt it was my tool to heal
while working at my big cloths i became in a different  state of mind and time
all my feelings of depression suddenly were in another world
i could work for hours forgetting everything around me
so it healed me
the finished cloths were often bought by people who recognised themselves in it

not long after the death of my husband  ( who needed care which i could give him fortunattely being a former nurse and with help from friends).
in 2006  i got an accident and treatment after treatment, operations, revalidation. i found myself here, now not  being able to felt  any more. not being able to sit more than half an hour before the pain got too severe
But i discovered blogging and through my beloved Jude Hill from http://spiritcloth.typepad.com  i "met" Wendy. ( again via Jude you find the links to articles Wendy wrote in Handeye magazinze and others)
Wendy Golden Levitt iis a   Jungian oriented Therapist  who works with traumatised children and she uses cloth as a medium to heal the children

one of my last big pieces of felt wanted to travel to a brave brave girl.....
Wendy told me the girl feels the energy of my life and it helps her looking at her own pain and realized she is note alone in it

and you know what...brave..brave girl.....

you gave me back the strenght to felt again......little pieces that i can manage while i rest to unstress my back, my wish of healing through felt is coming back......
thank you Jude, thank you Wendy, thank you brave brave lovely beautiful giving girl!

Wendy....you know..... mormor

10 opmerkingen:

די מריו zei

Een mooie pluim voor de dames.

Love AS Always
Di Mario

draadjes zei

Pfoeh - ik slik een grote brok weg - wat fijn en mooi! Een grote knuffel voor jou, lief mens!

Huize HenS zei

Wauw Yvette...wat geweldig om te lezen en wat super dat je het deelt. Blij voor je! Dikke knuffel xxx

Manuela zei

What a wonderful story, it gave me goosebumps while reading it. You are such a wonderful woman, I am sure that your energy is going out into the world making people happy.

Thank you ♥ for this feeling, blogging is getting great people together and I am thankful for meeting you through the internet,


Marlou zei

Hello love...

wat een mooi verhaal!
Ik krijg er een brok van in m'n keel...

X, Marlou


Lutje zei

hier wordt ik effe stil en warm van....

Tammie Lee zei

absolutely magical
the right people you met
the girl who was helped by your cloth
and now you being inspired
so happy for you!

Marjolijn. zei

Mooi verhaal meis.
Op naar een mooi weekend...!

christiene zei

Yvette,hoe ver kan een mens gaan........
de weg terug met lieve hulp,heel mooi om dit hier te lezen
en hoe mooi om deze kunst te maken, en alles om je heen te vegeten
mooie zijn je foto,s met je prachtige kunstwerken.
wens je een mooie dag.
groetjes Christiene

thatfullmoonguy zei

Oww.. zoiets kunnen doen voor zo'n kind is zo geweldig he. Iemand die een leven moet hebben, niet kapot gemaakt wegkwijnend of erger.
Heel mooi Yvette! ☼